Texas Longhorns: 63 – Texas Tech: 56 GAME REVIEW!

Texas Longhorns: 63 – Texas Tech: 56 GAME REVIEW!



The Texas Longhorns escaped Lubbuck with a 63-56 overtime win against the TeeTees in the highest-scoring game in program history.

The Land Thieves lose to Kansas State minutes before kickoff, leaving the Big 12 WIDE OPEN!

Fast start with 17 points in quarter. Texas hasn’t been a good quick-start team in years.

O-line seemed to kept letting the Tech D-line split them with stunts.

Middle of the defense was almost non existent – waiting and watching.

Missed tackles! T.J. Vasher’s score at end of 3Q was totally embarrassing. S. Thompson’s 75-yard touchdown run busted through about 4 tacklers.

Special teams gave up 14 points but also scored on a blocked punt.

First time to see Alan Bowman. His fade to T.J. Vasher with about 6 min to go was great and a terrific NFL-level catch. 

B.J. Foster was back – led the team in tackles.

Schooler stepped up big for someone who’s been with the program for about a month. 

Sam ran the ball really well but way too much.
Run blocking MUST improve!? Need to run more with the actual RBs – Ingram had 7.4 yards per carry.

Sam was off with some passes. Could be new offense/new routes or just trying to do too much.

Jalen Green got beat one-on-one to tie game.

Denzel Okafor stood out in a bad way.

Terrific onside kick from Dicker the Kicker.





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